Barcelona, Spain ∞ June 5, 2023.

6th Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course

● Intensive course of basic and advanced techniques of endoscopic ear surgery ● Based on short lectures and surgery videos ● Presented by experts as well as in laboratory practice with fresh corpse ● Designed to acquire skill in this technique ● Future perspectives in endoscopic ear surgery ● One day ● Endoscopic ear anatomy ● Handling and positioning the endoscope ● Myringoplasty: inlay, underlay and over-under techniques ● Retraction pockets ● Ossiculoplasty ● Stapedotomy ● Cholesteatoma ● Middle ear tumors ● Facial nerve decompression, vestibular neurectomy, acoustic neuroma, combined endoscopic-microscopic approaches (cholesteatoma, cochlear implants, tumors) ● Future perspectives in endoscopic ear surgery ● Myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion ● Tympanomeatal flap elevation, atticotomy ● Underlay grafts ● Extended tympanomeatal flap ● Over-under grafts ● Stapes surgery ● Ossicular reconstruction ( TORP, PORP) ● Basic and Advanced techniques ● Facial decompression, combined retroauricular-transcanal approach ● Cochlear implants ● Vestibular neurectomy, access to IAC, two-handed surgery ● Guided by instructors ● Distinguished International and National Faculty ● “Hands On” with fresh corpse ●

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