Bari, Italy ∞ July, October & December 2022.

Karl Storz Solo Course Hysteroscopy “Theorical Session + Hands-On Training

  • ● The course was created with the aim of teaching and demonstrating the new hysteroscopic «philosophy», a new way of performing the exam that makes it more accessible and easier ● Unlike in the past, hysteroscopy has now reached its maturity and the purpose for which it was designed: to be a diagnostic and therapeutic tool within everyone’s reach and, therefore, easy to perform ● With this new approach, anesthesia (or any type of analgesia) is not required, as is the use of the speculum and neck forceps ● The operating room, all the problems connected with it and the difficulties of execution that accompanied it in the past, are now only a memory ● This is why prof. Stefano Bettocchi, creator of the vaginoscopic technique and of the outpatient hysteroscopic method (also called) as well as suitable endoscopic instruments, will lead the learner, hand in hand, on a journey into this fantastic world in which to discover all the secrets of the instruments, during which to discuss all the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques related to cervical and uterine pathologies ● The learner will be guided in the technical details of the equipment and will thus discover the tricks that should be known to improve skills ● There will be practical training sessions on special Hystero Trainers ●

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