Southampton, United Kingdom ∞ July 3rd – 4th 2021

The Third Wessex Facial Plastic Surgery Course

Facial Plastic Surgery Course ● Functional Septorhinoplasty – Modern Techniques ● Facial Flaps and Reconstruction Techniques ● Osseocartilaginous vault surgery; hump resection, micro-osteotomies ● Approaches to the nose and septum- non-delivery, delivery and external approach ● Alar valve surgery ● Grafts and implants in Rhinoplasty; harvesting techniques, and applications ● Extracorporeal septal reconstruction ● Revision Facial Plastic Surgery ● Nasal reconstruction techniques ● Full Thickness Skin Graft and composite grafts ● Random Flaps I: Advancement and Transposition Flaps ● Random Flaps II: Rhomboid Flap, Bilobed Flap, Rotation Flap ● Island Pedicled Flaps ● Total Nasal Reconstruction and the Paramedian Forehead Flap ● Auricular Reconstruction ● «Hands On» in Otolaryngology, Maxillofacial Surgery & Plastic Surgery ● “Hands on’’ practical surgical skills using fresh frozen cadavers

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