Surgery News is a Family Company whose objective is to inspire the common good and encourage professional development.
We have been awarded recognition as worldwide leaders in the diffusion of Surgical Medical Events and Training.

Our strengths lie in our passion to service, our interest to progress as individuals, and in our respect and willingness to help professionals.



Our principal objective is to promote continual updates within your profession in organizing a variety of Academic Activities for Surgical Medical Education and for this we diffuse and promote Congresses, Conferences, Courses, Symposium, Events, Workshop, Hands On, etc. in order to encourage research and personal contact with professors and prestigious institutes so that future generations of surgeons will have the opportunity to train outside their countries and bring home the latest procedures, information and technologies which will benefits their patients.


* Anesthesia * Arthroscopy * Bariatric Surgery

* Cardiovascular * Colorectal * Otorhinolaryngology

Gastroenterology * General Surgery * Neurosurgery 

* Gynecology * Head & Neck * Hysteroscopy 

* Ophthalmic Surgery * Oral Maxillofacial * Thorax 

* Orthopedic * Pediatric Surgery * Urology * Spine

* Plastic Surgery * Pneumology * Veterinary




Professional guidance




Professional ethics


Scientific rigor and consistency

More To Explore history

Since my retirement from Karl Storz on November 1, 2015, after 25 years in the Company, I have received hundreds of requests from professionals of different specialties to continue with the dissemination of events (conferences, courses, workshops, hands on) as I had been doing since 2007.

Many of these events were organized by important and varied surgeons and medical societies.

It began as and after four years increased to include all surgical fields.

The Company emerged to meet the demands of the worldwide scientific and medical community.

This service is available to all surgeons and the community for the development of education.

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